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We truly appreciate our eLearning guest contributors, who have shared their know-how and insights with our readers throughout the years. However, we know that zeroing in on which trend to cover can be tricky. So, each month, we share a shortlist of writing ideas to kickstart the creative process. This month, it’s all about employee training topics that are hot right now.

Employee Training Topics For eLI Guest Contributors

1. Developing Remote Leaders

How can companies nurture leaders and offer them ongoing training opportunities? Your article could cover L&D activities, common leadership development pitfalls to avoid, or top tips to choose the best support resources and tools for your team.

2. Employee Reboarding

Bringing employees back into the fold can be challenging, but a solid reboarding strategy helps organizations give them a warm welcome after an extended absence. So, how can businesses launch a reboarding program that boosts productivity and reduces employee turnover?

3. Measuring Training Impact

How do organizations know if their L&D initiatives are really paying off? Aside from training metrics, leaders must be able to prove that learning programs make a real-world impact. What should this evaluation entail, and how can they effectively measure ROI, especially when it comes to qualitative factors?

4. Frontline Workforce Training

Frontline employees are involved in the day-to-day tasks that keep business operations running smoothly. How can companies ensure that their frontline workforce is able to address skills gaps head-on and tackle performance issues? What are the most significant engagement roadblocks that might hinder employee development?

5. Investing In An LXP

Why should organizations opt for an LXP over other tech solutions, and which features make these platforms stand out? How can they make a strong business case and get internal buy-in, particularly if the business is making the move from on-site to online training?

Wrapping Up

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