Is A Video-Based Learning Strategy The Right Option For Your Organization?

If you’re looking for cost-effective ways to incorporate experiential and immersive learning into your L&D program, videos are the ideal solution. This eBook by EI delves into how a video-based learning strategy boosts engagement and facilitates practical application. It also highlights proven techniques to help you develop training resources that leave a lasting impression.

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Hooked On Learning: How To Drive Learner Engagement With Video-Based Learning

Unlock the potential of video learning in your L&D programs to improve learner engagement and results.

How Training Videos Can Transform Your L&D Initiatives

While there may be some instances where watching a slideshow or perusing a checklist can come in handy, videos are one of the most powerful L&D tools for absorbing information and applying it on the job. Employees are able to watch demos to explore every aspect of a task or customer service scenarios to identify potential skills gaps and avoid common mistakes. Videos are also a great reinforcement aid. For example, team members can watch bite-sized clips to brush up on compliance policies or keep up with new regulations. One of the most notable benefits of deploying a video-based learning strategy is that it personalizes the training process. Employees have the opportunity to pick and choose videos that tie into their job roles, existing gaps, or professional development goals.

About This eBook

How do you grab learners’ attention and launch a video learning strategy that makes the information stick? Here’s a brief overview of what you’ll find in this guide:

  • Why You Should Leverage Video-Based Learning
  • Five Video-Based Learning Strategies To Keep Your Digital Learners Hooked
  • Six High-Impact Online Training Video Strategies
  • How To Multiply The Impact Of Videos In Training By Leveraging A Learning And Performance Ecosystem
  • 25 Examples Of Video-Based Learning

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