Could RTO Mandates Cost You 25% Of Your Workforce?

Childcare expenses, increased risks of getting sick, and long commutes are just a few of the concerns that employees are facing as they’re asked to come back to the onsite workplace. Our report features survey data from 1200 U.S. workers from various industries, including manufacturing, retail, and tech. One of the most shocking findings was that over a quarter of employees thought about quitting due to Return To Office (RTO) mandates.

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Return To Office Survey Insights 2023: What To Consider When Planning To Bring Your Team Back To Work

Discover how workers truly feel about returning to the office and how these mandates will affect their everyday lives moving forward.

Lack Of Flexibility Is The Main Concern

56% of the employees surveyed said that having no flexibility in work days was their primary concern about the return to the office. This comes as no surprise, given that many employees are now having to give up time with family and pets thanks to office gatherings, commutes, etc. Tipping the work-life balance scale presents a variety of challenges, as roughly one in four workers report that they expect to consume more alcohol due to higher stress levels. Being around more germs and increasing their likelihood of becoming sick came in second on the list of potential problems with 49%.

What’s Inside

Do the RTO risks outweigh the rewards for your organization? How can you ease the transition as workers return to the office, and what benefits matter most? Here’s a sneak preview of what you’ll find in this report:

  • Companies Are Struggling To Get Workers Back To The Office. Why Is That?
  • What Do Employees Fear Most About Going Back To The Workplace?
  • Do ‘Return To Office’ Plans Spell Money Trouble For Employees?
  • Which In-Office Perks Will Bring Workers Back?
  • Will Mandated RTO Cost You Top Talent?

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