It’s December 26, which means Christmas has come and gone, and other seasonal holidays are underway while we all wait for the new year to kick off next week. Everyone knows that the days between your winter holiday and New Year’s Eve are for gaming, right? At least, we hope you’re doing some gaming today, tomorrow, and the day after! Or maybe you’re kicking back with a good book, or watching a new movie?

We don’t know what it is you’re doing but we want to! In fact, we want to know what video game presents you found under the tree or in a beautifully wrapped gift box this year, too.

Did you get a new console? Did you get some games to add to your never-ending backlog – we’re all still catching up on 2023’s frankly absurd gauntlet of releases, right? Did you get some cool shirts, some Fortnite V-bucks, or a new coffee cup with Clive from Final Fantasy XVI on it?

Whatever it is you got, we want to know so drop a line in the comments below! And if this year’s gifts weren’t video game-themed, tell us what your favorite gift was anyway! 

On behalf of everyone here at Game Informer, we hope the holidays are treating you well (and we hope you’re getting through that backlog for the sake of 2024’s release schedule). 

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